About Meri

Hi, I’m Meri Fennema (1967), Intuitive Leadership Coach at Heart Matters Coaching. I am also Tycho’s love and mother of two beautiful and sporty sons.

From a young age I could see, hear and feel clearly. This was not appreciated at the time and I kept quiet. At 46, the pain of sitting in life’s waiting room was great, as was my desire to speak up and take action on my strong intuition.

This split spurred me to action. It was my own wake up call. From that moment on I invested in different coaches and mentors to free my mindset and discover who I really was. People who had a lot of experience in this and whom I intuitively chose to guide me.

It started with Anthony Robbins in 2012, and after that many coaches and coaching courses followed.


Heart Matters Coaching Oegstgeest Leiden

I think this picture about my journey from 2012 to now says more than 1000 words.


What I have to offer in addition to my University Education ‘Policy and Governance in International Organizations’ is: trauma processing, stress management, Enneagram, NLP, Live the Connection, Life Coaching, systemic work, Reiki, Western shamanism and of course my own calmness and clear intuition. I also have the gift that I can feel in my body whether you speak from your heart or your head. I have really loved international since I was young. ‘The world is my workplace’ was once the headline in a newspaper, after I had been to Liberia in 2014 with 25 more international coaches.

I am a Leadership Coach, as I guide women to be a leader of themselves and their own life. From my own experience I know how valuable it can be to walk with someone who is there where you want to be. Check out my program Heart Matters Coaching or sign up first for a Discovery Session.

Take my hand, and we’ll dance this road together!