Heart Matters Coaching


Ready to shine? Buy here your Heart Matters Coaching Program!



Ready to shine? Buy your Heart Matters Coaching Program here!

You know there is more to you, but every time you are held back by those recurring patterns of ‘not good enough’, fear of failure, perfectionism, stress of choice, not daring to speak up, crossing your limits or not feeling seen or heard.

You know there is more to you and you are ready to stop being limited by those patterns, but to really show yourself with everything there is and manifest your dreamlife.

I coach you to first break through your limiting thoughts and patterns, and then to bring heart and head together in a powerful teamwork. So that you can live the life that is meant for you.

Experience how much strength, wisdom and energy is released with Heart Matters Coaching. If you are aligned with your inner compass, this gives you enormous peace and self-confidence and opportunities automatically present themselves that suit you completely.

Heart Matters Coaching is a process of three consultations (live in my practice in Oegstgeest or online via Zoom).

Discover what Heart Matters Coaching can do for you.