How are you (really!)?

What do you answer when you get that question?

Good. And you?

It’s a bit American: How are you doing? I’m fine, and you? It’s more of a greeting than really wanting to know how you are.

Or do you come up with a whole story about what you are doing and how things are in your life?

I often do that too. Nothing wrong with that.

And there is another answer possible. Which is very healing. Which is not possible to do with just anyone.

This morning I received the question from a dear sister. And yes, I came up with a whole story. Nice story, she said. But how does your body feel? What’s happening over there? Ehh… the story came from my head, so I wasn’t aware of my body. I also felt a bit caught.

And I mentioned that. That immediately gave air.

And after a silence, in which I went inwards with my attention, I gave words to what was moving in my body. A light tingling feeling in my whole body, my throat a bit sore and tight, a vulnerable feeling around my head, high in energy.

She kept asking about my throat.

I said the message is that I should express myself more.

No, that was not right, I immediately felt that. Everything you do from a should or the judgment that you are not doing it right, does not work. So I sank deeper into my body. Took all the time.

And suddenly I felt in my body that expressing is not just from my throat. But from feeling deep in my body. Everything participates. My whole body. And that it goes effortlessly. That it is about expressing who I am and what I know. A deep sigh followed.

And my body started tingling and buzzing even more.

How healing to get such a question where there is room to listen deeply to how things are really going. And that it both gives physical relief as clarity about what’s happening inside.

I’m fine 🙂

And you?


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