Know your Worth

Do you know your worth? And I’m not talking about your value in money. I still sometimes make that mistake myself, by linking money to self worth.

Your worth is difficult to explain in words as it is inherent. It’s your gift to the world, which you probably don’t have to put much effort into at all.

You may not see it because it is so obvious. It may also be hidden behind old patterns, masks or walls.

I haven’t seen my own worth for a long time, but now I do. It is my gift to feel deeply. To feel what is right and to feel what is not right. To feel the truth and to feel what is not being told. From that deep feeling I take people to a deeper layer within themselves, so that something can move there and be transformed.

How did I find out? Especially through feedback from others. From teachers, sisters, my love, clients and plant medicines. Through inspiration in nature.

So if you don’t know (yet)…. go ask! Why? Because you are invited to stand for your worth. To embody it, to shine it into the world, so that it may come fully into the light. This way it’s not just your worth, but for the service of others.

Help heal the world, know your worth!


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